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Industrial Division

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Building with Purpose for 25 Years

Pacific Tech Industrial

Pacific Tech was founded around the idea that providing consistently excellent construction services to our clients is more than a bottom line. It is a means of impacting our community and the community around our projects in a positive way, shaping environments, lives, and futures.

Building with a Purpose for 25 Years!

While much of the work that we perform for our industrial clients could easily be classified as General Construction or Roofing, we maintain a separate Industrial Division that provides construction services for our manufacturing, processing, and other industrial clients. Completing projects in these highly specialized and sensitive environments, often with narrow performance windows and unique project constraints, requires a different, more tailored approach, something that we have refined working for clients in pulp and paper, food processing, manufacturing, and other industrial environments. Our experience with rigging, equipment setting, steel erection, structural, building envelope repair, tenant improvements, and roofing in industrial settings, coupled with our constant and unwavering focus on project safety, makes us the go-to contractor for many of our repeat industrial clients. Many of our customers also point to our flexibility to work around outages and shutdowns as well as operational facilities and our ability to work within a variety of different billing systems as some of the reasons why they turn to us to solve many of their industrial construction needs.

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Core Values


The safety of our personnel as well as that of our subcontractor’s, consultants’ and the customers’ is absolutely paramount. Our first and last priority is everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.bottom line. It is a means of impacting our community and the community around our projects in a positive way, shaping environments, lives, and futures.


We believe that our organization is a direct reflection of our personnel. For that reason, we consciously seek out and develop individuals that are professional, goal-driven, dedicated, passionate, and confident about providing our customers with a great service and consistently excellent, cost effective solutions. We believe that our construction projects should be a positive reflection of both Pacific Tech’s reputation and that of our clients’.


Our team is comprised not only of our own personnel, but also those outside of our organization, including customers, subcontractors, and end-users. Our personnel will encourage respect and collaboration through their own empathy and respect for the rest of the team. Our team members will spend the time and effort needed to ensure the success of the entire team at the expense of personal interests and egos.

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence in Customer Service

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